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The history of the first red oil in Switzerland goes back to Mr. Jacques Schupp, who started marketing a motor oil and fuel additive called Valvring Oil G8 back in 1952 as the agent of an American company. Clever engineers discovered that the product was also useful in the metalworking industry, as drawing oil, cutting oil and a cutting oil additive – where it's still used today for these purposes. Thanks to its outstanding properties, the product (in various forms) has also gained a firm foothold as an excellent lubricant and maintenance product. When Jacques Schupp passed away in 1976, his widow, Mrs. Henriette Schupp, took over the business and kept expanding it.

The know-how and formulations were purchased from Valvring, modernized, and adapted to the changing requirements of commerce and manufacturers. These modifications called for a change of name: the products were called Neoval® (Neo = new, val = Valvring) and the company became NEOVAL® Oil H. Schupp & Co. in Allschwil /BL just outside of Basel.

In 1985 the two sons of Jacques and Henriette Schupp, Philippe and Marc, joined the company. In 1989 the unincorporated firm NEOVAL® Oil H. Schupp & Co. became the corporation NEOVAL® Oil AG, with share capital of Fr. 100'000.--. All of the stock remained in the family's possession. The new corporation moved its domicile from Allschwil to Hofstetten/SO, where it is still located. Six years later, in 1995, the share capital was increased to Fr. 150'000.-- (from own funds).

To ensure continuity and a smooth succession, Marc and Philippe Schupp bought out their mother's shareholding.

In 2002 Philippe Schupp took over all the shares from his family and became sole owner of the company.

NEOVAL® OIL AG, as it stands today, is proud to be 100% self-financed. With representatives in Austria, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan and Turkey as well as customers all over the world, including thousands in Switzerland, NEOVAL® OIL AG has become a global small business that sells its products to a long list of industrial and commercial sectors for many different applications.

NEOVAL® OIL AG's strengths clearly lie in the exceptional quality of its products, its ability to deliver as required, fast and dependable service, and extremely high flexibility in all areas. The intelligent formulation of the Neoval® products makes it possible to replace as many as 10 different commercial products with just one oil – usually with improved performance!

The Neoval® homepage provides an overview of our company's product range. If it does not answer all of your questions, we'd be happy to clear up any points personally or send you further documentation.